An Old Montreal restaurant with a pub culinary tradition!
Are you looking for a table where to enjoy, in all simplicity, a meal that is both delicious and affordable? Take a detour to Pub St-Paul! Our menu is varied: steak, chicken skewer, pizza, ribs, fajitas, etc. There is something for every taste! Accompany it all with our selection of beers, wines and even whiskeys to add that extra touch to your feast.

Simple, affordable and delicious cuisine
With us, it is possible to offer the best while keeping a touch of simplicity on our menu. In the kitchen, we prepare dishes prepared with fresh food and traditional flavors, in order to preserve the essence of the place. With us, you can taste everything: whether it's our homemade fries accompanied by our variety of sauces or one of our flambéed desserts with Jack Daniels! Offered at a good price, our plates offer an authentic and tasty flavor of Old Montreal.


Pub St-Paul, an Old Montreal restaurant for a good meal at any time of the day
Since opening its doors, Pub St-Paul has welcomed a variety of clients, both evening and day. Need to recharge your batteries? Come and enjoy your lunch break where generous plates and impeccable service await you. An Vieux Montreal restaurant that is open at lunchtime to welcome workers from Old Montreal and beyond!

Want to grab a bite to eat at dinner time? Come and accompany your meal with a good dose of music with our popular dinner shows. Fond of new talents on the Quebec scene, we offer a program that will enhance your moments with friends or even family!

In short, whether it is to have a bite to eat and relax during the lunch hour or to have fun in the evening, our team is there to make you have a pleasant evening! Take a detour to the Vieux Montreal restaurant, the Pub St-Paul!

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124 St Paul St E,

Montreal, Quebec

H2Y 1G6

Tel: (514) 874-0485

Open from 11am to 3am