Fun at your fingertips!

Located in one of the city's vibrant neighborhoods, Pub St-Paul offers you a trendy and warm atmosphere. A young and dynamic team is there for you, to make you live an evening where the festivities are in the spotlight!

Beers, wines and whiskeys

Like any good traditional bar, Pub St-Paul is a bar that offers a nice variety of alcoholic drinks. Here, on the other hand, we have a preference for different kinds of beers and whiskeys. All you have to do is choose from our twenty or so beers that come from local microbreweries. We even offer a Quebec cider! We like to decorate customers with spirits with a strong taste. In addition, our competitive prices allow you and your friends to come and enjoy the charm of Old Montreal more often!

We also invite all wine lovers to take a look at our wine list. Beautiful surprises await you there.


A nightclub with colorful evenings and events

More than a bar, Pub St-Paul is also a nightclub. Whether it's for a drink with friends or to go dancing, Pub St-Paul is the perfect bar to come and have fun. Every evening, we offer you a varied range of music that can meet all tastes. As a nightclub, however, we have a penchant for emerging groups. That's why we often offer our clients the chance to discover new talent during live performances from home!

Although the Pub St-Paul is mainly recognized as a place to hear rock, that does not prevent the various Montreal DJs from coming to mix with us, for the pleasure of many fans of the nightlife! In fact, don't miss the opportunity to hear them every Thursday at our DJ Battle events. This is the perfect opportunity to listen, vote, dance and have fun!

Want to discover a bar where music and good alcohol are in order? Come take a look at the nightclub side of Pub St-Paul!